T. A. Kamal Kabir

 T. A. Kamal Kabir

T. A. Kamal Kabir completed his BFA from Bangladesh Government College of Arts and Crafts (now the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka) in 1974. Few months earlier in the same year, his father died and he faced a great hardship and turmoil afflicting his family. During that time, he went to prominent artist Quamrul Hassan and searched for a job. The great painter offered him to work with him. Kabir worked there as an assistant. He worked there for eight to ninth months and improved his artistic capabilities. Afterwards, he joined the Karukrit Advertising Private Limited and gradually flourished himself. Drawing was his forte and he quickly delivered his works. For his aptitude, he had quickly earned reputation and his name became well-known in the local advertising arena. Later, Kabir joined Adbiz Ad Firm. The firm evolved into a dynamic, award-winning firm providing outstanding results to local, national and international businesses, in a wide array of professional services, including advertising, marketing, branding, business consultation, public relations, social media planning and graphic design.

After 17 years of self-exile from the world of painting, Kamal Kabir reappeared with a novel feeling and sentiment in 1994. He organised a solo exhibition at Alliance Francaise de Dacca (now Dhaka) where he particularly concentrated on the underwater world. He subsumed himself deep into this world of tranquility.

Fish is the predominant aspects of his works. His canvas is a space where rich texture and thick colour join into one another. Sometimes, a single fish, few fishes and a bunch of fishes on his canvas seem to be placed at varied angles and a sense of wonder consequently takes over the viewer’s imagination.

It was noticeable at his first exhibition that Kabir is extremely meticulous about using space and the painter superbly demonstrates texture according to the aesthetic requirement of the paintings. The paintings represent emotion and sentiment in a manner which clearly outline the fact that the artist wants to be universally understood, but in a non-figurative mode. Oil is one of the finest and toughest mediums rarely used by our painters but Kabir successfully used the medium with all its hurdles at his first exhibition. From the onset of his career, he has worked with oil for bringing up the media’s effect steadily. The medium also allows an artist to create a sense of serenity. For Kabir, oil provides more flexibility and creative freedom than any other type of paint.